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Sat, 28-3-09, 22h30 interinterinter big show

InterInterInter show at Landmark with performances of When Is A Door Not A Door? by Matthew Shlomowitz and Vorspiel by David Helbich with bookprinting and new activities for the audience.

found this on youtube. thanx sven!

and thanx to the one, whos name i forgot:

concersation piece

And read the VICE ARTICLE about this project in PrInterPrInterPrInter.

thu, 26/03/09, 21h30 Fluxus-Evening,

No, we wont re-enact this piece:


walking back to the 60s:
backwards from a symphony concert to a fluxus reenactment event.

... here three videos on 'how to end up in the 60s for some really authentic reenactments? walk back in time!'


watch this:

and this

Watch this!

transition knoop/finnissy>audience (like the interinterinter crew):

thu, 28-3-09, ca. 11h FløyenFløyenFløyen

We get InterHigh! We are raising over Bergen.
If you want to see our InterCity show in front of a real size postcard: climp Fløyen.
Or check the slideshow after.

wed, 25/03/09, 18h30-22h, 6 PrInterventions, Logen

This one is a surpirse...


wed, 25/03/09, 12h30 + 15h-16h..., InterCity

The small sibling of the big InterInterInter show on saturday. Pops up whereever you would not expect it. It's the New Thing in contemporary composing. The awnser on why we ARE doing it in the streets! With street art clichés, concert hall rituals, publicity stunts and serialistic bodypopping. You can't miss it, if we wont miss you.

Steve Shaw bodypops waves, while Tomma Wessel is playing Andriessens piece Einde on two recorders. Yes, very crazy...

tue, 24/03/09, 19h-21h30, InterBet at Bergen's Race Track!

Yeah, real horses and real bets!!! and we still assume, we are doing interactive art-pieces. Come or play online.